Freeze Your Fat Away

Think back a few years. How might you have reacted if someone told you that there was a procedure available that could freeze away stubborn body fat without causing damage to surrounding nerve or tissues? Would you have thought it far-fetched? Would you have suspected that they were exaggerating?

Although cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) was first approved by the FDA in 2010, many people still cannot wrap their minds around the fact that in a single hour as much as 20-25% of body fat can be safely frozen away. And yet, CoolSculpting has been utilized more than 1.5 million times, leaving patients thrilled with the results.

The Genesis

Early research began in a surprising way. It was more than 45 years ago when Dr. Ervin H Epstein Jr. noticed that many of his young patients with dimples had something in common. They all regularly consumed Popsicles – lots of Popsicles. Sure, some of his patients inherited their dimples, but Epstein wondered if it was possible that others were “creating” dimples through the consumption of Popsicles.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine around 1970, Epstein posited that some children spent so much time with a Popsicle in their mouths that the frozen treat had time to perform cryolipolysis. In other words, as the Popsicles came into contact with fat cells in the cheeks they were frozen, leaving the tissue and nerves around those fat cells intact. It was pretty revolutionary stuff, even if the instrument in question was a Popsicle.

The Research is Refined

The very first human study showing the effect of CoolSculpting appeared in 2009. Coleman et al. reported their findings after applying the CoolSculpting procedure to 10 patients. Each subject received a single, one hour treatment on their love handle area. Coleman et al. found that two months after the treatment subjects showed a 20% reduction of fat in the love handle area. By six months, that reduction was 25%. Not surprisingly, the FDA approved the procedure as both safe and effective in September 2010.

How it Works

Just as those Popsicles worked to permanently destroy fat cells in the cheeks of youngsters decades ago, CoolSculpting works by destroying targeted fat while
leaving surrounding tissue undamaged. The CoolSculpting device pulls stubborn fat between two cooling plates and holds it in place with a strong vacuum. The cooling plates are then set to the precise temperature known to kill fat cells.

At first, patients report a sense of intense cold and some pulling from the vacuum. As their bodies acclimate they are frequently able to read, work on their laptops, and even nap.

Many of our patients are perfectly satisfied with a 20-25% fat reduction in a particular area, but those who are not can schedule another non-invasive CoolSculpting session in order to lose an additional 20-25%.

That said, there are a couple of issue we like our patients to consider….

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The Pressure to be Perfect

Although there is absolutely no benefit associated with beating ourselves up over physical imperfections, it appears that we all do it. In fact, a study from the Social Issues Research Center (SIRC) reports that people who spend time watching television tend to “feel less positive about their image in the mirror.” Crazy, right? We look at idealized (and often airbrushed) versions of the human form and believe that there is something wrong with us if we don’t look that way.

The really silly part? We allow ourselves to feel bad about our bodies based upon media-created caricatures. To add insult to injury, societal standards regarding what makes a person attractive constantly changes.

For example, in 1917, the “perfect” woman was about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed in at around 140 pounds. That was the gold standard in beauty. By the 1990s, top models were thinner than the average woman, but only by 8%. Today, models weight 23% less than the average woman, making pretty much everyone but a very few feel miserable in comparison.

Men are not immune to the pressure regarding how they should look. While men throughout the ages have always been expected to be masculine (whatever that entailed at any given time), they are bombarded today with media images telling them how they can “fix” themselves.

If the media is to be trusted, men don’t just have to be muscular, they also need to be lean. The message has become so unrelenting that more than 30% of young men report being unhappy with their weight.

That’s an awful lot of power we are giving away to people who are simply trying to sell us products we may not need in the first place. The fear of not meeting someone else’s idea of what we should be is also a really bad reason to undergo CoolSculpting or any other kind of cosmetic procedure.

What we do here at our clinic is empower our patients. We offer you the technology and trust that you will make a sensible decision based upon your personal needs.

Now available in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Making a Change for All the Right Reasons

WebMD has created a list of great questions to ask yourself prior to undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedures.

• Are you doing this for someone else or for yourself?
• What do you want to change, specifically?
• What are your ultimate expectations?
• Does your physician agree that your goals are reasonable?

Notice the question regarding for whom you want to undergo CoolSculpting? The right answer, the only answer that really makes sense, is for yourself! We work with you to make certain that you are doing this for you. Even though CoolSculpting is non-invasive and could be used to treat just about anybody, it is you we care about.

Many of our patients have lost weight or have been working to get healthier. The only fly in their ointment is that their body continues to hold on to stubborn pockets of fat that seem to contradict how hard they have been working. If that is you, CoolSculpting is a reasonable option, designed to bring your body in line with your efforts.

CoolSculpting is the ultimate solution for anyone who is within 20-30 pounds of their goal weight and simply needs help to rid their bodies of unsightly areas of fat.

CoolSculpting is Different from Weight Loss

When we lose weight our fat cells shrink, but the number of cells remains the same. They’re still there, just a bit smaller. The snag is this: when we begin to regain weight those fat cells plump right back up.

CoolSculpting actually works by reducing the number of fat cells in a treated area. Through CoolSculpting, the fat cells are frozen and die. They are slowly metabolized by the body, used either as energy or flushed away. Once gone, those fat cells are gone for good.

Patients may or may not weigh less following a procedure, but they will certainly be smaller in the treated areas. Unlike other procedures, patients do not have to worry about fat cells simply being redistributed to untreated areas.

Bottom Line

The decision to make a permanent change to your body is a big one, and we appreciate that. We’re here to answer your questions, walk you through the procedure, and help you be the best version of yourself you can be.

Now available in Greenwood Village, Colorado