HCG Weight Loss Program

It seems that everyone knows someone who has lost weight using the HCG Weight Loss Program. That “someone” may be a friend or even a celebrity they read about in a magazine. Like you, we heard plenty about the HCG Weight Loss Program before deciding to offer it in our clinic. First, here is what you’ll receive if you decide to go this route:

• All Office Visits
• Health Screening with a Medical Provider
• 30 Day Supply of Injections
• Injection Supplies
• 8 Lipotropic or B12 Injections
• Weekly Weigh-Ins, Complete with a Full-Body Composition Scale
• HCG Diet Booklet, with Recipes

You probably have questions. Here are the questions we are most frequently asked:

What is the HCG Diet and Injections?

What does the HCG Injections include, a hormone best known for being present in the placenta when a woman is pregnant. The power of this particular hormone is that it controls the metabolic function experienced by a woman and her baby throughout the entire pregnancy. Don’t worry, though. We did not “borrow” our Hormone from a pregnant woman. The Hormone used for medical purposes has been neatly created in a laboratory.

How Do I Get Started?

Before your first injection is even considered, we require that you undergo a general health assessment. One of our medical professionals will gather your heath history in order to ensure that you are a good candidate.

Is the HCG Diet Hard?

Make no mistake; only the most dedicated dieter will thrive on the diet. It is intense and requires total dedication. What you will be rewarded with though is dramatic weight loss. One of the things we look for during your assessment is whether you fully understand what you are getting into and if you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to walk this path.

Will You Tell Me What to Do?

To quote a former vice-presidential candidate, “You betcha.” We do not want you to enter the Weight Loss Program without full knowledge of how to make it work for you. We will explain it all, from how to give yourself an injections to how many calories you should eat per day. We understand if you are a bit nervous and will take our time to teach you the steps until we are sure that you feel comfortable.

Are you Kidding about the Calories?!

The diet requires that you eat no more than 500 calories a day. And yes, it sounds a bit like we’re trying to starve you to death. The interesting thing is that people receiving the injections report not being hungry, even with the caloric restrictions. When the hormone is in your body it encourages your hypothalamus to use stored fat as energy. Think of it as an internal furnace with your fat continually fueling your body and burning far more calories than you are consuming.

So, How Much Weight Can I Lose?

One survey indicates that 50% of HCG dieters lose one pound per day.

Is it Safe to Drop So Much Weight So Quickly?

Studies show that the fat that you lose on the HCG Weight Loss Program comes from adipose fat rather than lean muscle. You might recognize adipose fat as the stuff that leads to so many health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer. One interesting aspect of the Dr. Simeon’s diet is that in spite of how few calories are consumed, it appears as though valuable vitamins and minerals are not stripped away.

Any Side-Effects I Should Know About?

Side effects appear to be rare and when they do occur, are quite minor. As with any of our weight loss methods, contact us if you experience a side-effect of any kind.

Will I Keep the Weight Off?

We all know of someone who has lost a great deal of weight, only to gain it back again (plus a little extra for good measure). Your ability to keep the weight off following the diet has a great deal to do with how you spent your time while on the diet. Did you learn to make better dietary choices? Did you add in a little exercise? We think of the Weight Loss Program as a kick-start for your lifelong health plan, a way to drop enough weight to know it is possible and to see yourself in a new, healthier light.


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