Medical Weight Loss Program’s

We have worked with enough patients at Denver Medical Weight Loss to know that losing weight is no easy task. In fact, statistics bear out that fact. Most people who begin a weight loss program will either be discouraged and give up, or will quickly gain back the pounds they lose.

That does not have to be the case. We are big believers in giving our patients the time and tools necessary to learn new, healthier eating habits. It is an important component, you know.

Consider the Hadza tribe, a group of people from Tanzania who live as hunters and gatherers. The early belief was that the Hadza people were in great shape due to the physical activity they engaged in. Imagine the surprise when tests indicated that the Hadza burn approximately the same number of calories each day as an American. It wasn’t all the physical activity that was keeping them thin, but their diets. In fact, anthropologists came to the conclusion that if they were to eat a standard American diet, even these traditionally lean people would become fat.

There is simply no denying that we are up against the wall when it comes to eating smart. We do have healthy options, but are so much more drawn to sugary or fatty foods. That is one of the reasons our clinic offers an FDA approved medication designed to suppress appetite and give you the opportunity to learn how to make the kinds of healthy choices that can last you a lifetime.

Our FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant

is designed to help patients lose weight by suppressing how hungry they feel and how quickly they feel full after they eat. Our Appetite Suppressant has been shown to be most successful when a patient combines the drug with behavioral modifications, like dietary changes and exercise.

We monitor you closely as you take this powerful appetite suppressant in order to gauge how your body is responding to it and how effective it is for you.

Getting the Most from the Appetite Suppressant

It would be easy to just pop a pill and wait for the pounds to melt off. And to be sure, that can happen. What we hope for you, however, is that you will use the time you take our Appetite Suppressant to form healthier diet and exercise habits. We want you to grow accustomed to making great choices when it comes to your health.

Appetite Suppressant Side-Effects

The good news is, studies indicate the less than one percent of people who take our appetite suppressant experience adverse effects. Let us know immediately if you experience:

• Dry mouth
• Restlessness
• Headache
• Nervousness
• Rash
• Diarrhea
• Euphoria
• Urinary frequency
• Hypertension
• Arrhythmia
• Changes in libido

The truth of the matter is that our FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant is not a “cure” for your weight issues. It is an opportunity for you to get control of your cravings and to learn more about portion control and moderation. It is also a great motivator as you watch those pounds fall away.


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